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#113669 - Erica Daniels was dead tired, and all she wanted was a hot shower and a good nights sleep! A full day of meetings with designers and financial officers had left her totally spent. Just put it on the table, Erica ordered the young waiter, while she looked through her purse for a couple of dollars for a tip. He was taking a real chance, but after sizing up the situation he opined directly, Nice tits, baby, wanna let me see the rest of you!?! Erica was totally flabbergasted not only at his directness, but that she could feel her pussy becoming drenched with juice at his insolent manner!!! Thank you, no, she stammered, and I'll be reporting you to your superiors about this little incident young man!!! He just smirked, and then with almost lightning speed his hand snapped out and jerked the robe off her body exposing her plump form to his hungry eyes! Oh, baby, he said soothingly, you gotta let Tommy have some of that pussy!!! Momentarily stunned, she didn't even

Read Bed The Working Goddess Ch. 1 Fantasy Massage The Working Goddess Ch. 1

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