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#205490 - again, and again! Deanna would gasp and scream helplessly with each hard lunge as the crowd watched amused by her naked helpless plight as they came together! Then unexpectedly he had let her down and with one hard shove against her back and bottom roughly push her off of his big hard cock, and into the waiting arms of the bare chested red headed reporter from the magazine “Black Bred” ! This had left his big dick and the gun barrel sized hole in the end squirting a long string of cum off wildly into the air! For Deanna it was all surreal as this woman, the only other white one in the place standing there, with her naked breasts exposed, easily turned her around and forced her down on her knees! Then pushed her back towards Darryl, and his big cock! This thing of his was sticking straight up wagging about, still slimy and glistening from the light, and the flashes of both camera's! The place usually noisy, with live music on Friday and Saturday nights, and most other times alwa

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