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#11165 - Dylan started to strip off and asked if i was ok because i wasn't responding, before i could reply he was kissing me with is half naked body wrapped around me, i instantly grew hard and all doubt left my head, i couldn't get my clothes off fast enough! When we were both fully nude Dylan pushed me over onto the dog beds, he lay atop of me kissing me, our soft bodies wrapped around eachother, Dylan moved up a little and said its now my turn with a grin on his face, and before i understood what he ment, it was in front of my face, Dylan's rock hard, pulsating 3 uncut cock. I felt quite awkward as we went out to play in the fields, i was on edge, expecting something at least, but no nothing. She was standing there fresh out of bed herself with a t-shirt on, she didn't have a bra on as i could see her nippls poking out, i didn't think there was anyone in so i was there in my boxers, i had to rush out, back to the bedroom as she was giving me a boner.

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