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#354268 - “Hurry up and fuck me!!!” He was just about to do as she asked when the door to the restroom swung open and someone crossed the room and entered the adjacent stall! “Good god!” he whispered hoarsely, “Someone’s next door!!!” Before they realized what was happening someone plopped down on the toilet right next to the one they were using!!! With sweat breaking out on the forehead of the now very nervous stud, Kimberly quietly removed her panties before mounting Hannibal’s rock hard pecker! She tried desperately not to make a sound, but the massiveness of the black stud’s dick was too much for her as she involuntarily moaned softly as each inch of cock meat slid into her dripping wet pussy! “Are you all right over there!?!” the strange woman asked seriously. “P-please!” she moaned. “O- oh my god!!!” she moaned softly.

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