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#259697 - I eventually progressed from my finger to the shampoo bottle while at the same time wanking my rock hard young cock slowly and dying to feal the next explosion of cum onto my hand and then sucking it clean. This calmed me a bit and he told me to lay down while he too freshened up. I stayed inside hime which he enjoyed and i tried to gather my emotions and realised i had just had sex with another guy and it felt amazing, way better than what i had anticipated and while all of this was going through my head i started getting hard again and without talking slowly started riding him again but without mercy i started really fucking into him and holding him and started gently tounging each other until we were girating like to carzy people it was insane and fealt so amazing inside him we continue over and over that night until i lost count.

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Elizabeth bathory
Let me know what u guys think of my strip dance hehe
Kazumi yoshida
Y are they lowkey perfect for each other