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#358613 - Mine were nice guys though, about 6 of them in their group and I got invited to parties with them, called to hang out and play games, we were friends with benefits and $ being exchanged. He gives me so much freedom though which is totally counter to what I was expecting (I graduated from the closet to a cage in the basement gym when I stopped seeing him as an escort and became exclusive, now none of that) and I can't see myself with anyone else, so it's not in danger just totally opposite to what I was expecting. But apparently I could have been charging thousands if I'd chosen clients a little better, I've talked to other girls that charge that much and they're like 300lb chainsmoking grandmas, guys will TRULY fuck anything.

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Yuuji kazami
Stojy my
Doremi harukaze
Todd she charges way more to fuck without a condom with creampie obviously
Erika yano
Nope that is weird my friend your taste disgust me