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#159940 - ” I don’t honestly know WHAT I had in mind as an alternative (CHRIST – I was a fully grown man & had just half an hour earlier brought her 11 or 12 year-old sister to two (maybe three) screaming orgasms!) “YOU’RE FUCKING RIGHT IT NEEDN’T” she screamed – backing me up the hall. Worried that the other neighbours might hear I hissed “Come in here if you have something to say” stepping to the side so she could come in (not that I thought she would). Only a few moments had passed when I heard the front door-bell ring … it was the sound I had been dreading ‘cos it almost certainly meant that Gemma had told her elder sister what we had been doing! The only slight glimmer of hope was that – if she was ringing the door-bell – she wasn’t phoning the Police! … On the other hand it could just be the postman … It wasn’t – it WAS Ellie ….

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Lucky man
Makoto sawatori
Actually i have a couple friends that are black and we share wives one is a black couple and the other is a black man and his white wife you would be surprised what people do behind closed doors
Maiku kamishiro
Thanks honey
Saki nikaidou
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Cecilia alcott
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Momoko asuka
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