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#372293 - When I opened the door there was Monica sitting on the edge of the bed facing away from the door, she was waiting for me, I opened the door and dad seeing me nude, looks and then I guess a light went off and he says ok, that’s fine by me, let’s do this and he gets up walking to a chair in their room and sitting down he opens his legs and starts slowly stroking his cock and then what he does next is mind boggling, he takes his finger and slide it into his asshole and is fingering it like he’s being fucked. I insert my cock and start fucking her as dad is licking her cunt and she’s going nuts, she’s cumming so hard that dad is having trouble licking it all out as it floods into his mouth.

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Kakeru todoroki
Hummm adorei ganhar teu leitinho bem dotoso meu tesao