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#417176 - Any other time I probably would have given him a good punch to the kidney but at the present moment my attentions were elsewhere aka staring belligerently at Bart’s sister as she walked down to the back of the bus to say hi to her brother and meet his new ‘bus buddies’. Till then last real backstory like chapter then the story kicks up so far with what I have written. “Umm…NOOO!!!” I shouted in a disgruntled manner.

Read Sub ボクの巨乳な彼女が他の男に開発されちゃった!! ~ご注文はビッチですか?~ モザイクコミック総集編 Italian ボクの巨乳な彼女が他の男に開発されちゃった!! ~ご注文はビッチですか?~ モザイクコミック総集編

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