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#248123 - By morning I was as horny as I can ever remember being and told Emma if she wanted we could go for a drive and I would drop her off at home afterwards and to my delight she excepted my offer, Once in my car Emma wasted no time in getting my cock out and I soon became fully erect as I drove along with this fit as fuck young girl jerking me and flashing me her tight black panties, I drove to a place I new would be deserted at that time off morning and we quickly got in to the back of the car, I removed Emma’s top and bra and closed my hungary mouth over her stiff pink nipples, her tits were only about a c-cup but her nipples were pierced and stuck out like pencil rubbers and I am pritty sure she had a mini climaxe as I sucked and licked them, then Emma pushed me onto my back and undid my shirt and dragged my pants and boxers down she removed her jeans and straddled me, pulling her black panties to one side she started to insert my hard 9” cock in to her young wet shaven pussy. My name is

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