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#20031 - “I’m sorry about my attitude could I have your name?” the being stood up and walked over to my window with her sweet ass wiggling all the way there a “My name is Droxyl”. “I just want to thank you again for giving me a place to wash and sleep tonight” I thought to myself for a moment, remembering how much she watched me “It’s not a problem really I’m always alone in here so I’m glad to have company for a change” Droxyls face got closer I saw her close her eyes, the next thing I know her lips are pressed against mine, she pulled back as if she was embarrassed, I pulled her in by her ass as close as she could possibly get, Droxyl wrapped her arms around me and I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest, I kiss her this time, it becomes more rhythmic every time I kiss her, one of her hands slides down my chest and grabs my all ready hard dick. I was joined in bed by something unbelievably smooth, of course it was Droxyl but her skin was like running a bar of soap between your

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