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#48863 - Jack hand awoke in a lab that looked like it was just built by the number of new equipment in it but as Jack tried to sit up he was stop when he looked down to his arms he saw that he was trap in to some kind of table with different types of wire coming out of him. Jack felt something at the back of his mind as if someone he Knew was in danger, Jack just ignored it picking up the Nano abruptionis, John looking from the other side of the mirror look on with interest as everyone that they asked to fire the weapon was killed instantly from a feed back, John ask Jack to steep up to the line as Target will appear i want you to shoot the target that are hostile and don't shoot the Targets that are non hostile Jack just nodded as he turned he saw targets start to appear he shoot the ones that were hostile will not shooting the one that were non hostile. Lucie was a bit better off but not by much as when she sat up she was not bound to a bed but bound to a metal table with crude e

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