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#164862 - My name is Sarah and this is the story of how I lost my virginity, I live in a small county in the south pacific called New Zealand, I’m 19 now but when this all happened I was only 18, I stand 5’7 with blond hair, I would say I’m thin but no one else will agree with me, I have an athletic build with strong well formed shoulders firm perky C cup breasts I’m immensely proud of, a very small wast that feels like I could get both my hands around, and an ass that is proportionate to my build. I awoke to the sound of the birds singing to the rising sun as the morning light filtered through the tent, I moved trying to find my warm body beside me, however the bag was empty, I was now wide awake, confused and worried the previous day had been a dream, I calmed myself and realised that if it had been a dream I would not be in a tent, I moved to open the fly to the tent to see the day, as I squinted against the brightness of the morning sun I saw Jason, he was swimming in the lake, the sun g

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