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#121158 - I started shaking then with his cock hitting off my g-spot and I could feel myself about to come when he threw me on the bed and went down to my pussy and started licking It I could fell myself getting closer and closer until I came then you the flipped me over and took me doggy style I was moaning so loud as he pushed my head Into the pillow just as I was a few seconds away from coming again he shot his load and let out a huge moan I came straight after. I looked at the form on the wall with everyone's names and when their Interview's were mines was last 11am but I noticed other people who applied for the job had an hour Interview and I was getting just 30 minutes I'd need to make a real good Impression on Mr. Headed for the bus stop It was pouring down with rain and I was furious that I just missed a bus! Then straight after a black car pulled up Miss Kerr Can I offer you a lift? Replied a a deep voice It was him It was Mr Hawkins! that would be grea

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