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#53927 - Snake Lady reached onto the cart and got the same assortment of bobbi pins, hair bonnets, etc. The last one went right straight over her hips but had this divider on each side that Snake Lady slid hers right into my wife's hip as I did the same thing making them snug into the sides of her hip yet barely over the top of them almost into her pelvis bones and tied it securely down and then went to each leg!! Snake Lady grabbed her foot and shoved her leg up into the air the knee rising straight up pushed her below the knee part right into her thigh part and then took 3 wide softly animal combed hair things the straps were slid through and put one around her leg right at her ankle to over thigh area and secured it. and crawled up on the bed my wife not paying one single bit of acknowledging her whatsoever just there shaking her head and still blinking her eyes though no damn doubt she saw absolutely nothing in the room!! Snake Lady now behind her and

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