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#331481 - She was cute and pretty at the same time, with almost no breast development and the cutest puffy pink nipples a person could imagine! If anything gave away her age it was her vagina! Covered with soft downy blonde hair, it barely concealed lips that appeared to be blatantly bulging in a constant state of sexual arousal! So except for her full vagina, Angela appeared to be much younger than her eighteen years! Pamela Link licked her lips hungrily and said under her breath, “You are going to do just fine, my dear, just fine!” Pamela led the shy young woman over to the edge of the tub where she had her sit down with her legs spread wide apart. “Oh hi, dear!” Pamela gushed. ” It seemed like a rhetorical question so Angela just kept her mouth shut and followed Pam along to the master bathroom.

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