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#237880 - After another minute she pushed the covers all the way off and raised her knees, so I could see she was wearing matching PJ shorts, very obvious now that I had become accustomed to the little bit of light in the room. She turned off the light and walked into the room, I was able to just barely see her and I could tell she was naked as she moved her hands along the dresser, apparently looking for a drawer, she opened one, and she put on a fresh pair of panties, and then took a short nightie off the clothes rod in the corner, slipped it over her head, and then she did the most amazing thing: she slid into my bed, taking up a position in front of me with her back turned toward me and then moved herself close to me, so I could feel her ass against my abdomen, pressing against me much like Amanda would do whenever she slept there. She held my deflating dick inside her for a few minutes, then slipped off of it and turned around to face me for the first time since she had entered my bed.

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I nutted 6 times
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