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#122983 - Shelly started to lube up my arse hole and as she did she was telling me how she was going to make me beg for her mercy, when she thought I was ready she introduced the vibrater to my arse and at the same time took hold of my cock with her hand full of lube and stroked me to a really hard erection before she thrust the plastic phallus into my bum. The next thing I knew there was a wet tickling sensation on my chest that felt like someone was painting letters on my chest, after a few minutes the ball gag & blindfold were removed and shelly was in front of me with a paintbrush and a bottle of food colouring next to her and I had the words “ SHELLY’S SLAVE” stained into the flesh of my chest, after my hands were untied and the tape cut to free my feet Shelly sat giggling as I removed the butt plug from my arse.

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Thats the truth
Jenny dolittle
No shame watching her stoke and suck that cock