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#225199 - Although I never used to watch tv I was to facinated by her feet, I used to play with them and twiddle them, run my fingers over her toes I always used to take her socks off, After a few weeks she must have started to relise I liked her feet and she used to tease me with them, putting them against my chest and into my face, which I thought was wonderful, to this day I havnt ever smelt something as wonderful as her twelve year old feet and they were so soft and sexy I used to lay there under the covers with my penis so hard pre cum would soak my boxer shorts, Then after these sessions I would steal one of her used trainer socks and go home and wank in them, and when she would say she couldn't find her sock I used to laugh and say the bed must be eating them, which she seemed to accept. I couldn't understand it she was teasing me for weeks I thought she liked me, I was worried she didn't like it, looking back on it now I relise she was probs jus shocked at her sel

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Very good spread i came with your spread
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I thought i was watching easy a haha
More styles of costume plz