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#214581 - ) She even had a nice big ol’ ass to match and with an athletic body like hers, she was constantly giving Pete and even Blake, along with all their adolescent preteen friends, raging mega huge boners. When ever she’d come to pick Blake up from Petes house after school a few days a week, she’d show up in her workout garb which was again a tiny little sports bra and some skin tight little volley ball shorts and would always call Pete “sweetie” or “hun” or “sugar” which as innocent as it was, it was enough to cause Pete to immediately run up to his room soon after they’d leave and jerk off his prick just thinking about her. With a cackling grin on his face while grabbing another beer He’d say things like “Hey! What are you queers up to today? Better not let me catch you boys playin grab ass or any other homo games you kids play these days.

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