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#313427 - She refused to wear them i reminded her about our deal and then she looked down and agreed. I asked her to come and sit on the bed near me she came and sat i touched one of her breasts and she was crying. That time it struck me i had got my blackmail motive but i didn’t want to fuck her while she reeked of liquor, I kept pretending that she did a grave mistake and i will call the cops and she kept on believing, in the end i told her that i would give her a last chance but then she would have to do everything as i tell her she agreed and told that she will never repeat this mistake again.

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Simon blackquill
My crushes bf broke up with her a few weeks ago and we started kissing for a few days and i asked her for something more serious and turns out she still likes her ex and that was 4 days ago and i haven t eaten since
I would love to lick you all love