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#666 - Ohh no you don’t Ranma said as she started to leave the room, And where do you think your going boy? Genma said while blocking the only exit, Look I don’t mind being impaled on a spit and roasted for food, BUT NO ONE IS PUTTING THEIR COCK INSIDE ME! Ranma screamed load enough to wake Kuno who was laying on the floor at the other end of the room, Ohh Pig-Tailed Girl, it would be my honor to put my cock in you Kuno said as he reached up taking Ranma's hand in his and stood up to stand next to her. Looking into each others eye's, Ranma leaned into Akane and kissed her passionately, Akane pushed her lips harder into Ranma's kissing her back, Ranma broke off the kiss and started working her way down Akane's body kissing every inch of her until she found her sweet spot between her legs and started to lick all over enjoying the taste of Akane's pussy and loving the squeals of pleasure coming from Akane's lips. The tenderizing went on like that for

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