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#237268 - Willow giggled softly to herself as she walked home, flicking happily through the photos she had taken on her phone that night, she had gotten together with a few of her old Highschool friends who were either also visiting home during college break like her or who had just never left for college in the first place. ” Willow gasped softly and looked down, the hair colour was right, a sandy blonde, and she was similar in height to the Brandon she had known and had crushed on, but apart from that there was virtually no similarity, “What? No way! Flip her over mom, I wanna see!” Louise glanced over her shoulder at her daughter with a haughty expression, flipping her meant obscuring the view of that gorgeous ass taking her cock, but if that was the price of her daughter's happiness. She let herself into her home and stretched out her arms, taking off her jacket and putting it down, adjusting her simple black shirt and tight jeans as she started to walk upstairs.

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I came before they even put the straps on and actually got started sheesh
Honoka kawai
Id touch a spoon to that