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#219562 - Ayame is still trapped by those two pieces of wood and still has the stool under her stomach but now she, Rikimarue and Merik are in a room where the walls, floor and ceiling seem to be covered with a blood red substance that's pulsing and seems to be alive. He then says I can open a portal to any of these dark dimensions and enter it, then opening another portal I can appear any where on Earth I choose so no prisons can hold me, this dark energy will increase my physical abilities well beyond that of a normal Human but most important of all is the demons will give me the powers of regeneration, Immortality and resurrection .

Read Sofa 中文韩漫 我的變態女友 Ch.0-5 Hard Core Porn 中文韩漫 我的變態女友 Ch.0-5

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She is mother russia lol
Tsurumaru kuninaga
Dialogue is accurate af
Cecile croomy
Yo the fuck did i just watch