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#400432 - Laying in bed listening to the radio l notice my door open and Tina came in, l pretended to be asleep as it was late and l really was tired she sat on the edge of my bed and began poking me asking if l was awake, opening my eyes, l replied ‘l was’, Tina began asking if l really thought she had a big bum, l couldn’t believe she woke me to ask about her arse, so told her she had a lovely figure with a cute bum and any guy would love to have sex with her then l got the reason why she was asking about her bun, it seemed a guy had commented on her bum as she walked passed him. I could feel a tingling starting to stir in my balls which began to build, l was about to flood my sister’s inside with spunk, my head was full of questions, should l keep my cock deep in her pussy, was she on the pill, then ‘oh fuck’, a gush of my spunk shot into her pussy but l managed to pull my cock out and shoot the rest of my spunk over her lower back and bum cheeks, Tina belly flopped forward panting and in an

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Y all know they using cable right
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