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#346069 - so, Michael said enthusiastically, I believe the time has come to begin our little show, so if you would, everyone follow me into the library!!! Almost like a herd of buffalo all twenty guests arose from their chairs and followed Reanne an Michael into the adjoining library, where Priscilla stood waiting calmly in the middle of the room in only her bra and panties!!! Reanne quickly came to her servant's side and announced, Cilla has agreed to this performance out of her great love for Michael and myself, and of course we feel the same way about her!!! It was then that Michael offered, As it is plainly obvious, Priscilla is the possessor of an incredibly beautiful body, and I'm pretty sure that most of the men are already erect and the women are for sure dampening their panties!!! As Reanne casually unhooked Cilla's bra, exposing her 34c cup sized breasts to everyone's hungry gaze, Michael went on, And as beautiful as our sweet little Priscilla is, the most er

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