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#136618 - I worked my mouth up and down taking it all in my mouth and then just like me… when he saw his wife getting sprayed with horse cum I felt it grow in my mouth “oh… I’m going to fill that sweet mouth full of spunk” splat he fired thick jets again and again into my mouth and as I swallowed it I loved the taste and feel even more than his pre cum… it was thicker, milky and meaty and more salty. As she sucked me it felt amazing but she soon stopped saying that she bet that none had ever done that before and then told me to fuck her while she would suck off the horse again! I followed her instructions and after rubbing my cock between her juicy pussy lips I slowly eased up her until all 7” where inside, and as I slowly fucked her I watched her lick and wank off the horse again… I could hardly believe what I was doing, she felt fantastic her pussy gripping my cock as I fucked her but when I saw her pull the massive cock from her mouth… horse’s cum sprayed all over her face and breasts and

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