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#148615 - Then much to Norma’s dismay Dace Laughton literally jerked his cock from her mouth and ordered, “Okay, slut, feed it to your baby’s tight little cunt!” Both women were now completely in the thrall of the young black buck, so without offering even a hint of resistance Norma grabbed the thick ebony shaft and guided it to Peggy’s drooling pussy! On the face of it it looked impossible that the huge black marauder could fit in such a tiny opening, but the look of anticipation of Peggy’s face told Norma that this was not the first time she had taken this monster inside of her! The head was huge, almost the size of a tennis ball, but after Norma had run it up and down her niece’s slit a few times, the over eager youngster grabbed it out of her hand and fed it into her hungry hole! “Ohhhhhhh, god in heaven,” she sighed as the head popped inside of her, “it’s so fucking huuuuuuuuuuuge!!!” Absentmindedly Norma doffed off her slacks and slipped her hand inside of her white cotton panties. “Li

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