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#37858 - It was around 12 when I herd a voice Kim was asleep on the couch I was reading in the bedroom an older man around 70 appeared holding a bottle of wine and staring at my wife's bare ass , as I entered the room Kim awoke and without any hesitation said hello and took the wine and offered him a drink as she did this she placed a robe around herself and started to chat to the older man , he told her she was so beautiful and was sorry for bursting in. Kim was panting and I could see she was wanting to be fucked slowly the dog mounted Kim and Joe held his paws as not to hurt her he then started to enter her I watched as his huge cock went deep in her then he humped and started to fuck she was so into it she was shouting fuck me fuck me and diving down on Joe cock, this huge dog was fucking my wife and going hell for leather and she was in rapture asking for moor and moor it was then the dog started to cum her eyes went very wide and she screamed yes yes yes he is filling me with so

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