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#281557 - She was welltreated it must be said,and despite her modesty she was only rarely advanced upon,somehow males developed speaking impediments when adressing her,so much so, she naively began to think many boys were innate stutterers. I ain out to hurt you ur nuthin,but I want you too stay nice and widemouthed for me,I betta not feel no choppers,so I just want you ta close yu eyes and say AHH,I'll do the rest for us She closed her eyes and he bent her forward,and drew his other hand over,grabbing her tiny wrists,together before coiling them in cutting plastic strap,she felt helpless and she was,he lifted his one hand away reaffirming his grip on her and he steered her somewhere else now,she kept her eyes closed,she didn't open her mouth yet but suddenly an overpowering acidic smell and this sticky warmth began glowing against her face causing her to try and retract her head but his control was uninterruptable and even putting her whole neck into it ,the trajectory of his hand

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Mysterious heroine x
Okey the acting is great
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Omg amber hahn you are the best you need to do more anal hentais please