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#26397 - The night went well, by now we had all fucked every one, including Shelia who seemed to get most of thier cum, but at least the woman had been looked after, then whilst Chris was fucking Shelia's pussy, I moved behind and slide my cock up her ass, the look on some of the guys faces was priceless. I was ready for more pussy or ass, so found a willing pussy and fucked that until I saw Shelia with a cock in her pussy, I moved over and filled her ass with my cock, shortly after wards my cum flowed, her pussy was then flooded with cum, so I told her to repay me, she knew and sat over my mouth her pussy and ass dropping cum out for me to eat, then I went up and kissed her sharing our juices. When Chris was ready I sat on his cock once more, Sue went of to find a cock to fuck her ass too, we both had fun as Chris now lasted longer, his cock gave me heaps of anal cum before flooding my ass with his last load for the night, this time I went over, seeing Shelai laying down sat over

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