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#258025 - Yes, Steffi, please sit down, commented Miss Peters, I have something I wish to discuss with you. How tall are you, and how much do you weigh, asked Miss Peters thoughtfully? I'm five foot three and one hundred eight pounds, Steffi answered. The room was rife with sexual tension, and as Steffi shrugged her blouse from her thin shoulders, exposing her large bra encased chest to Miss Peters ogling eyes, Steffi's vagina was soaked with pussy juice! She started to reach around to undo the four hooks holding the back of her bra together, when Miss Peters offered, Let me help you with that, dear, no use stretching around when I can get it so easily for you! Steffi stood still as she felt strange warm fingers slipping inside the back of her bra and unhooking it with unusual dexterity.

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