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#346310 - She came over to me as I lay propped up on the pillows, leaned down and kissed me with a warm, loving passion. The wind was becoming stronger, as was the rain, but luckily we only had a short way to go; me, I loved riding like this, hands hidden under a raincoat from passing eyes, able to caress and cuddle and go where they would – and I took full advantage for the two minutes it took to reach my Hotel; my mouth found Hong’s neck, and my hands her breasts, kissing and caressing slowly even as the tempest rose outside this little calm world under plastic, and I said to her “I told you next time I would like slower” as she gasped and squirmed. Hong #1 joined me and sat on my lap, looking amazed herself, and she said “What was that question you asked before – about being with another woman?” “Have you?” I responded, and she nodded her head “I have now, and the taste is sweet isn’t it Anh?” “Oh yes, em, sweeter than sugar and creamier than cream, and there is nothing can compare to it.

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Ayame fujieda
Gracias papi s2
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Such a lovely scene so beautiful watching a woman in pleasure
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Nice ass
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One of the most amazing perfect females in the universe