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#98554 - He could recall a movie from his young age that he saw the man named Anthony tied a police officer on his bed and tried to rape her! He got the same name! Anthony suddenly got angry again, who is responsible for his friend's life! His friend died in front of him, he just watched him dieing, he tried his best all possible ways he could to keep him alive, he died for the greediness of two poor nations, who will take the shame for future generation! There have to be justice, who will give the justice, he took the law in his hand which he knew was not right, but what had happened to him was that right! Anthony finalise his decision how to do justice for him! He rang Dr Ricardo to bring his wife, Alena, not in floreat beach this time, deliver her to his home instead!. The guy is crying as he could hear the sound of bed having sex, Anthony with his partner! Shame, money shame! Anthony saw him wiping his tears, he felt sad and gave him a hundred dollar note! Crime Anthony was s

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Yuzu koyama
Girl is seriously gorgeous
Tsuruko aoyama
Ain t she beautiful
Yui takamura
Fucking goood
She shoulda wore ankle socks