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#28630 - She got up and looked at me with her lustful eyes full of desire, I came up behind her and gently kissed her butt, she breathed heavily, I put a finger in it and felt her relax to allow me inside her, I fingered her asshole a little while to get her to loosen up, then using some of the juices from her pussy, I put my hard cock up to her ass, she moaned and looked at me again – “come on, don’t make me wait Dee” I let myself in gently at first, but increasing pace with every blow until we were in perfect harmony, rocking back and forth in a ecstatic state. It was all very exciting, I had the unusual tingly feeling in my stomach. My entire family was waiting for me in the lounge room, and after a brief hello, my older brother invited me to come to the dinner table, there was a big smile eon his face, “I want you meet the next missus Carl Jones” he said as he led me to the dining room.

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