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#307389 - I put my hand into my bumbag to take them out and give them to him but they were not there,I suddenly remembered that my wife,Maria,had taken them because she had to pay the insurance and road tax,she hadnt given them back to me. She had on a black open lacy top, which had thin pieces of material going over her shoulders,it was cut low enough to expose a fair amount of cleavage,it was also see through enough for her tits to be seen clearly,although she doesn't usually wear it in public she was wearing it because I liked it and had asked her to,she had said that she would be raped if she wore it in public and I wasnt there. I knew it was time to leave and ran back through the trees to our car,I had been back a couple of minutes before they arrived.

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Kaoru kiryuu
Whats she name
Haha yes
Chrono harlaown
Why does he sound like dr phil