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#92008 - The evil ritual woman now in their tribal language gave out orders sending the other two helpers back to their spots and stepped up beside poor writhing gruntal moaning. He licked her out until she just all but seemed limply uncaring to anything her body to far gone from such pleasure to care at all now as the dog gave her a few last laps then sat back on his hunches as all could see her pussy was now opened a whole lot more and ready now to be fucked and fucked senselessly good by their choosing as again the Priestess made a motion with her hand forward and the huge dog leaped up and landed onto the whole of young Amie's small back his entire body seemed to shadow her totally as his front legs now grasp and wrapped around her slender but nicely curved waist just at her hip line and now seemed to easily make her ass move up as if himself adjusting her for proper angle to now feel something she'd never forget if she could remember this nite at all. She be fine f

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